Thursday 14 February 2013

I guess this is my obligatory start up post with the Hi's and whys of this blog.
Basically I want to write a book but as fate would have it the ideas are easy but the writing is the hard part. I seem to have never ending writers block and there's always a distraction like food or that new funny cat video on youtube.

I figure if I can manage to write a few blog posts a week I may eventually manage to write a book.

So a few things about me:

I'm 21 and currently working in a Library (Bonus for somebody who loves books!)

I beliveve Buffy the vampire slayer is the best tv programme ever made and Joss Whedon is awesome!

My choice in films and TV series is varied but horror films are by far the best genre (The Cabin in the Woods being the best horror film to be released in years)

I love music especially singing along to songs really badly. The cheesier the better an example being any song by Daniel Bedingfield.

Same goes for jokes, bad jokes are by far the best.

Sarcasm and Wit have to be the highest form of humour!

People who don't use proper english irritate me and I tend to turn into auto-correct while speaking to anyone who can not spell correctly.

'It's you! Not yu'

My sense of humour is very sarcastic and on the odd occasion dark. I will basically make fun of anything and everything. Its my defence mechanism against life in general.

I'm basically socially awkward and guaranteed to say either something stupid or embarrassing in any given situation.
I've stopped fighting fate and I'm just living with the fact that I may forever be awkward.

I'm not really sure how to sign one of these off.

So bye and *awkward virtual hug*

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