New York: The Natural History Museum

Saturday 12 March 2016

Another place we visited while in New York was the Natural History Museum. It automatically makes you think of the film Night at the Museum!
We walked to it through central park and the entrance is massive with dinosur skeletons on display. It all looked so grand and elegant and seemed to dwarf some of the museum's in England.
We tried to look at everything go through all the floors, see all the displays. The main attractions for me were the rooms dedicated to Space and of course the dinosaurs. The space rooms I found to be the most interactive with displays you can move and touch. You could also see what your weight would be on for example the moon or a red giant star.
Most of the other displays we saw were dedicated to different types of animals, the detail was absolutely stunning! They all looked so realistic, the craft, time and effort that has gone into every inch of each display is amazing and something you do not see often!

The floor dedicated to the dinosaurs was surreal something you don't see often and you don't realise the scale of these skeletons and how magnificent they look. An ode to a different time!

Below are some of the photos I took it was hard to narrow it down to just a few!

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