New York: The Empire State Building

Saturday 27 February 2016

 The Empire State Building was at the top of my list of things to see when I visited New York. If not for the countless movies it has been in, for that scene in Gossip Girl where Chuck waits for Blair at the top to declare his love (I'm a big Gossip Girl fan.)

On the first day we were in New York we decided to go to the top of the Empire State at night. It's open till 2am and costs $32.

It wasn't a far walk from our hotel and it was very easy to find from Times Square. I had been feeling unwell from the moment we arrived and I felt I could have gone back to the hotel room for the evening.

As it was the one thing I was determined to see I persevered and forced myself to the top. I am glad that I did as if I had let it get the better of me I would have missed out on some beautiful views.

I would recommend going up the building at night as you get a fantastic view of the city all lit up- it is absolutely stunning! 

There is an outside viewing platform and an inside one, the best photos come from the outside platform- be warned though it is very windy up there!

We tried and tried to get pictures on the outside platform but it was so windy it was practically impossible. This might have been because it was February and particularly colder than later in the year maybe.

This was my favourite sight of the holiday I could have stayed up there looking at the views all evening! 

It started the holiday of with a bit of magic and glamour and I could not think of a better beginning to our New York adventure.

I don't think I really need to say it but if you're heading to New York soon this is a must see.

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Random Fiction

Sunday 14 February 2016

He was like fire
Entrancing to the eye
Painful to the touch

It began on a normal Saturday morning, there was nothing infinitely special about it other than it was the beginning of March and a light film of snow covered the ground.
It was colder than usual for the time of year because of this she had headed to the nearest coffee shop to get her morning coffee.
That's where she had first seen him, they'd caught each others gaze, it was like current passing between them charged and compelling hard to resist.

They saw each other there every Saturday morning it began as gazes across the shop, drawn out glances meant with intention but coming to nothing, until the day he sat down next to her. Then everything changed.

The romance was whirlwind Dates, lazy mornings together, hand holding, shopping, holidays all spent together.

They were infatuated! It was the fairytale romance you see in the movies! The thing is no one ever talks about what happens after the movie ends.

The problem with the brightest of fires is that they burn out the fastest.

That's when the fairytale ends and the real story begins.

Flamingo Candles: The Melt Crowd Valentines Themed February Box

Saturday 13 February 2016

For February The Melt Crowd Box is Valentines themed! For those of you who don't know the Melt crowd is a monthly subscription box from Flamingo Candles.
You spend ten pounds and receive 8 different scent melts each month.
As this was my 6th month of being subscribed and because of this I received an extra scent Melt in my box.
Flamingo Candles treat their customers well!

CLOSED: Pandora Valentines Competition

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Valentines Day is almost here and to celebrate this the wonderful people at Gift and Wrap are hosting a giveaway!
They are offering a chance to win the Unlock my Heart Pendant Necklace from Pandora's Valentines range.
This dainty silver necklace would make the perfect gift for someone special! Be that your other half, a family member or even yourself.

Easy Dairy Free Sweet Potato Curry

I've found a new food obsession lately in the form of sweet potatoes, not only are they tastier than normal potatoes, they contain a lot of vitamin A and are even classed as a vegetable!
This to me is perfect as I am currently trying to eat healthier foods and cut out dairy from my diet again (I'm lactose intolerant and I still over-indulge on the dairy products!)
Before I give you the ingredients to make this I will admit one sin - the sauce is package bought. I know blasphemy! It's the korma sauce from Sainsbury's free from range. I'm sure I could make this quite easily myself but the package bought one is insanely tasty, it also makes this a quick recipe to create after a long hard day at work.

Little Acts of Kindness

Tuesday 9 February 2016

As part of my resolutions this year I have been trying to make more time in my life for the people that I cherish. Be it family I don't see very often or a close friend I haven't spoken to in awhile. I wanted to show them how glad that I am to have them in my life through small gestures of kindness.
Be it sending them a random gift, inviting them round and cooking tea or even something as simple as making a cup of tea!

Things to do on Valentine's Day if You're Single

Saturday 6 February 2016

Valentine's Day is almost upon us!
The time of year where we're all force fed romance, couples and cutesy Facebook status's. Where if you're not loved up or in a relationship you're reminded increasingly of this fact.

For all you singletons out there like me here is a list of a few things you could do on Valentine's Day:

My Week in Photos 3

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Thought I would share with you all my photos of the week. Note most of it is my recent make up purchases and food.
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