A Day in Cannes

Tuesday 18 October 2016

While in Nice we took a day trip out to Cannes known for the glitzy film festival and stunning scenery.
We lucked out and the weather was sunny and incredibly warm. We were hoping to have a tour of the Palais des Festivals but happened to visit while there was a business conference on.

So we just took a photo of the steps and the hand prints instead. Then had a walk along the promenade until we found a nice cafe selling ice creams and crepes. Ice cream was a daily occurrence while on holiday.  

After this we headed towards the panoramic viewpoint that had been suggested in the tourist information. As the name would suggest the point gives a view of the whole city and is great if you want to take a panoramic shot.
It was at the top of a very steep hill with a castle museum and church at the top.There was not any other option but to walk up and this was located in the old town. Besides that it was a pleasant walk.
There was lots of street art on the walls on the way up this one was my favourite, a visual of the sea and the city doing battle as people.

The viewpoint was stunning and definitely worth the walk, unfortunately we arrived just as the museum shut for lunch so made do with taking photos of the view, castle and church.

After this we decided to take a boat trip to one of the nearby islands St Augustine (I will create a seperate blog post on this.)
Overall Cannes had some great views it was a shame we missed out on the Palais des Festivals tour but for stunning views, shopping and nice views they definitely had it all.
It was definitely worth the day trip.

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