Travel: Prague: An Overview

Monday 20 March 2017

 Back at the end of February I visited Prague, I had heard so many people rave about the beauty of the city, its buildings and how cheap it was to visit.

Me and my friend booked to go happy with our destination, we stayed just outside Prague in Andel and we were unfortunately booked into the wrong hotel (that's a story for another day.) Despite this our holiday was not ruined and we saw some breathtaking sights!

An Evening in Liverpool

Friday 17 March 2017

I'm not one for being spontaneous, if I make plans it's usually weeks in advance of the event with every detail mapped out carefully.

The other week I broke this trend me and my friend decided to go and see Against the Current live in Liverpool the week before the event. We spontaneously booked the tickets and I agreed to drive even though I have never driven to Liverpool before in my life.
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