Amsterdam: Over The Edge

Wednesday 14 August 2019

I have a massive fear of heights and obtain vertigo when looking down over the edge of any high building or sheer drop. This is a fear I have been working on overcoming as I don't want to let it hold me back from trying new experiences. 

Throwback to October 2018 where me and my boyfriend had a long weekend away to Amsterdam. While we visited many sights in this truly stunning city there was one thing we had decided we were going to do before arriving. This was the Over the Edge Swing located at the top of A'DAM Lookout Tower, at a height of 100 meters it is Europe's highest swing and a must for any thrill seekers taking a trip to Amsterdam.

The building is opposite the central station where there is a free ferry that can take you over the water to the tower. You have to purchase entry to the tower as well as pay for the swing but for the view of the city and the experience it is more than worth it. Me and my boyfriend purchased the LOOKOUT Premium ticket which included entry to the viewpoint and two drinks for 18.50 euros. We then also purchased two goes on the swing both being 5 euros each.

The swing was an incredible experience and while being nervous initially I felt much more relaxed when I was on the swing after realising that it was more than safe. Once the nerves subsided the experience and the view took over and it was an incredible way to see the city from up high. I enjoyed it so much I did it again on my own, the fear was well and truly conquered and it didn't hold me back from having this amazing experience. 

If you're visiting Amsterdam soon or have a fear of heights definitely give the Over the Edge swing a go you won't regret it and it can be something different to tick off the bucket list.

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