Where I Want to Visit in New York

Wednesday 25 November 2015

I am visiting New York next year the one place I have always wanted to visit so I thought I would share with you all the sites I most want to see.

Please Note as I have not been before this will be a very stereotypical list.
Times Square - You can't go to New York and not visit Times Square all those screens and lights it's just so vibrant!
Broadway - We have already booked the tickets to go see this on Broadway and I really can not wait! I'm a massive Disney fan and I love the Theatre so I imagine Broadway will be amazing.

Drawing For Beginners Weeks 5 + 6

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Drawing For Beginners - Week 5 - Dead Pheasants and Animal Skulls
This was not my favourite week of Drawing I have to say dead pheasants, ducks and animal skulls not the prettiest of sites!!
I chose to do the pheasants there were two of them tied together but I only got time to draw the one. Learnt a few techniques one how to create the feather pattern by shading in and rubbing out.

Before this we got to draw animal skulls - for some reason I find it very easy to draw bones as with the skeleton in week 2 (here.)

Flamingo Candles: The Melt Crowd- Box Three

Sunday 15 November 2015

A new month equals a new 'Melt Crowd' box from Flamingo Candles *squeels with joy*
This box never gets old previous subscription boxes I have had in the past I just got bored of them, the products, everything!
This one however is the gift that keeps on giving! This is my third month subscribed to the Melt Crowd and this box is the BEST one yet!!

Pandora Christmas Collection

Sunday 8 November 2015

It's November and everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit. This includes Pandora who have just released their Winter/Christmas collection and it is fantastic!!
Below are a few of my favourites (pictures from the Pandora website)
This reindeer is so cute and I will definitely be purchasing it! 

Drawing For Beginners: Week 4 - The Drapes

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Week four of Drawing For Beginners- has been the hardest one yet we had to draw drapes/sheets using chalk and charcoal.
We were taught to draw the outline in chalk and use the charcoal to add shading.
Depending on how dark the shadows were we had to layer white chalk and black charcoal to create the varying shadow colours and to give the sheet the texture with all the bends and folds.

Birmingham Trip: Grand Central

Monday 2 November 2015

The weekend before last I went on a trip up to Birmingham to see the new ironically named Grand Central. (Why would you call it that?)
Name aside I was looking forward to going round all of the shops and having a look around the John Lewis as I had never been in one before. Naturally I took my camera with me and took a few pictures:

Lush: Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

This will be my last Halloween-y type post I swear! I had a little Lush haul the other week and picked up a Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb. 
I had seen a lot of people raving about this online and that it was a Halloween special (sidenote: I LOVE Halloween.) So naturally I had to pick one of these up.

The scent is a mixture of Patchouli, Vanilla and Black Pepper and it is very addictive. The exterior of the Bath Bomb is green and this is what happens when you put it in the bath:

It comes out in a mixture of green and red and then eventually just turns a blood red colour. The perfect Halloween themed bath bomb!
 I was also happy that this did not stain the bath as I had used the Cinders bath bomb previously which smelled very nice but looked a very non-appealing colour when used and stained the bath!

Has anyone else used this bath bomb if so what did you think? What are your favourite products from the Lush Halloween and Christmas collection?

Broken Doll Costume and Halloween

Sunday 1 November 2015

Halloween is by far my favourite time of year I love thinking up costume ideas and getting dressed up!
My costume this year was a broken China doll.

To create this look you will need:
- White Face Paint
- Black Eyeliner
- False Eyelashes
- Red Lipstick
- An orangey eye shadow (I used Urban Decays Bitter)

First off you put your foundation on as a base then cover your face with the white face paint (this make take a fair few layers to build it up)

Then you use the black Eyeliner to draw on the cracks be as creative as you want with these.

I then put the Urban Decay Bitter eye-shadow in the crease of each eye, put on your false eyelashes with a bit of Mascara.

Finally add on your lipstick only in the middle of your lips.

Now for pictures from Halloween I went with my aunt to her friends we made cake, took Sweets and ate loads of food:

I had a lovely if not a tad tipsy evening and I highly enjoyed getting dressed up.

What did you all do for Halloween? What did you dress up as?

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