Restaurant Review: The Indian Lounge, Nice

Saturday 15 October 2016

Last week I was on holiday in Nice, France (there will be a blog post specifically on this shortly) 
While there we ate at a restaurant called the Indian Lounge. Located in the Old Town down one of the sides streets, this bright colourful place caught our eye and the aromatic smell of delicious Indian food drew us in. 
The restaurant was so unique and beautifully decorated that I felt it deserved its own blog post.

The inside was decorated with different cloth lantern lights that changed colour, bathing the room in a multicoloured glow. The tables all had Indian fabrics under glass which gave each table an individual effect.
There were also layers of fabric around the ceiling and the lights are all attached to lotus flower type decorations.

Just look at how unique and stunning these are:
The decorations gave the room a comfortable atmosphere and it was so instagrammable that I had to take loads of photos.

Onto the food I ordered a chicken byriani which was about 12.50 euro. This was quite a reasonable price over there and even if the bowl looks small I guarantee it was filling.

A byriani is spiced rice, vegetables and meat normally in a sauce but this one was dry. Spicier than the average byriani but incredibly flavoured and very tasty.

If you're planning on visiting Nice anytime soon I would definitely recommend a visit firstly to see the decor and secondly the food was divine!

Thanks for Reading!

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