Ski Weekend by Rektok Ross

Sunday 7 November 2021

The premise of this book and its tagline captured my interest immediately. Six teens and one dog versus a major snowstorm. Who will win? 

I was provided an advance copy of this story for an honest review. Thank you to the author Rektok Ross and Spark Press for the opportunity to read and review this story before its release. 

The story begins after our characters take a shortcut while heading on a ski holiday. The poor weather conditions and snow lead to them crashing the car in a snowy embankment in the mountains. The six teens must then use their wits and survival skills to keep themselves and their dog champion alive while attempting to find rescue. 

The characters all started with their own trope; Hunter is the stereotypical jock, Britney the popular mean girl, Lily the smart girl, Gavin the love interest for Sam, Stuart her brother who is overcoming his long term scoliosis and finally Sam portrayed as the loner, the 'final girl' of the group so to speak. 

Our main protagonist is Sam who volunteers in her spare time at an animal shelter. We see the story unfold through her eyes and are introduced to the 5 other characters from her perspective of them. 

It was a fascinating addition to the story about how her prejudices of each character changed as the story and the peril of the situation they were all in progressed. Also how the tropes of each character were broken down once you could see the depth to who they really were. It really showed how every characters personalities affected Sam and changed her way of thinking. 

The setting is haunting with eeirie silence, snow filled landscapes and no other person to be seen for miles. The writing really made me feel as if I was there within this landscape going through the trials with the characters. 

During their attempts to find help many characters sustain injuries leading to an increase in the tension and fear building within the group as the days progress without help appearing. How they overcome these trials and tribulations I found fascinating to read. 

This really added to the suspense and thrill of the story leading to a race against time to try and find rescue and to overcome the harsh mountain elements. 

The story itself was unlike any YA that I have read before. I was fascinated by the slow burn horror that gradually increased in intensity as the teenagers situation progressively gets worse. 

A simple premise that was executed well resulting in a thrilling and suspenseful survivalist thriller. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys YA Thrillers, it was the perfect wintery read while I was tucked up cosy at home on a cold autumn day. 

Thank you again to the author Rektok Ross and Spark Press for the opportunity to read this story before it's release.

Thanks for Reading! 

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