Travel: Nice Market

Thursday 24 November 2016

While in Nice we visited the market they have looking for some souvenirs and bargains. The market runs down a strip in between restaurants in the old town and had lots of potential gift ideas and food. Which is always a must!

There was lots of flowers for sale (though they were all fake), artists sellingthere work of paintings from around the city.

Lots of bath salts and soaps. Nice has a big business for bath products and very similar things were sold in all of the gift shops though of course on the market these were cheaper.
There were homemade jams, biscuits and sweet things to take away. As well as the usual fridge magnets and standard touristy bits and bobs.

If you're a fan of a good bath and bath products they had so many different soaps mostly bar shaped, though there were some macaron shaped soaps and bath bombs. It would be a bath lovers heaven!
There were sweet and savoury treats to eat and take away, post cards and placemats with photos of the area. Basically every generic tourist thing you could find at this market and who doesn't love to get at least one generic tourist thing as a memento?!

For a small market there was an extensive range of goods available to buy, we went twice both times on Saturdays. Whether this market is on all week I'm not sure but it is the perfect place if you're looking for gifts or a casual browse. Though if the person isn't a fan of bath products your choice would be severley limited as that seems to be the main product being sold around Nice.

However for a morning out this little market is definitley worth a browse, maybe while eating a pastry or two. Or some macarons (I was a big fan of the food)

Have you been to Nice? Did you visit the market? If so what did you think?

Thanks for Reading!

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