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Friday 20 January 2017

I visited Nice in October and I have delayed making a full post about my trip because to begin with the experience was down right awful.

This was not due to the city itself or any of the sights, rather the hotel that we were staying at to begin with. On the day we arrived the first evening we went out for food someone went into our room and stole from my friend. (I thankfully had all of my valuables on me).

I don't want to go into too much detail because I feel this deters away from the city itself, but the hotel had cameras and they basically said to us that no one had entered our room while we were out. Of course we could not view these cameras and our room had two doors with seperate key locks, meaning it would have been very easy for someone to have entered through the door that was not allocated to our key.
We went to the police and reported this and quite honestly they could not have cared less, we then had the saga of moving hotels. It all started off abit of a nightmare and if you need the name of a hotel not to stay at drop me a message.

We then moved on to the Monsigny hotel and they were so helpful and understanding, from here on out the holiday just got better.

While there we had a little tour around to Monaco, Cannes and popped over the border to Ventimiglia in Italy. I've included all those as links if you wish to take a look as this post will purely cover Nice itself.

Honestly I loved the place, the quaint feel of the streets in old town, the atmosphere at night when there was music playing, the freshly baked goods almost on every corner. What is not to love!?

We visited many different sights around the city one of them being the Russian Orthodox Cathedral pictured above which was stunning. 
There were so many gardens around and with the weather being so lovely (even in October yes), they were perfect to go sit relax in and admire the views. They even had carousels dotted around that you could go on which I loved!
There were so many gift and souvenir shops especially in the Old part of town. Most of these sold lots of homemade scented soaps and bath products which would a make a sweet gift.
There were loads of shops in the new Town as well but these were more modern high street shops. They did have a Sephora though which I was so excited about, had to go in and have a little spree before leaving as we don't have a Sephora in the UK.

There was also Castle Hill which is the viewpoint in Nice where you can see along the whole coast of the city. It is breath taking and definitely photo worthy!
You can either walk to the top and back down or use the elevator. We were lazy and got the elevator up and then walked back down.
There was even a waterfall at the top which just added to the beauty.

On the way back down we walked past the Monument aux Morts which is a Monument to the 4,000 locals killed in WW1.

The Note Dame was also just down the road from our hotel, also worth a view for beautiful stained glass windows.

I found the customs and culture to be utterly charming and the food was rather tasty. I had my first taste of a macaron and now I'm hooked!
We also saw the tribute for all the people who were killed on Bastille day which was incredibly moving! 

Overall despite the start to the holiday I found Nice captivating, I loved the culture and it is definitely worth a visit. There is so much to see and do and the weather was beautiful!

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