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Saturday 2 May 2015

Hey There,

I'm sorry my blog posts have been so slack recently I have been preparing for my upcoming holiday.
One thing that I have learnt is that holidays are STRESSFUL there's so much you have to do/think about.
I'm almost completely sorted now which means I'm finally starting to relax so I figured I'd do a nice blog post to ease myself back into writing.

I'm going to post my most recent haul of some essentials for my holiday:

All of this haul bar the adidas trainers is from Primark and this is what I got:
- A new little handbag with lots of pockets.
- A new purse - this is probably my favourite item in the haul! I'm quite bad in that I never use purses for my money but I figure for a holiday abroad this will be a necessity and this little purse from Primary is so cute!!
- A blue patterned crop top.
- A large blue/grey patterned scarf - this will be a good light item for holiday to use to cover up if its too warm. I get sunburnt so easily curse pale skin!
- Dark red pair of dolly shoes - these are great and come in so many different colours.
- Finally the pink/purple adidas trainers - I literally fell in love with these and had to have them probably the most expensive trainers I've ever bought!

As you can see blue seems to be the colour im leaning towards at the moment. So that's my haul for my holiday so far. I promise to post more now that I've got myself organised and have more time!

Feel free to leave a comment telling me some of your holiday essentials.
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