The Importance of Libraries

Wednesday 30 September 2015

I wanted to discuss a subject that I feel very passionate about this is Public Libraries and why they are important for the younger and older generation.

With more and more libraries being shut down due to budget cuts and governments trying to save money it would seem that a library is no longer considered an essential part of the community, even in primary schools a library is not a compulsory requirement.

Nowadays kids can just pull out their phone or tablet read an e-book or look up that piece of information needed for homework etc.

I feel this is a step in the wrong direction it takes away the excitement of getting your first library card going down to the library and getting to choose the books for yourself. Picking books that you like the look of rather than books that are what everyone else is reading.

I remember when I was younger I used to love going down to library with my nan and taking out as many books as possible. Not to mention the added extras held at a library the events one example being the summer reading challenge. When your young there's nothing more exciting than reading some books and getting a 'medal' for it. What could be a greater incentive to get children into reading?

What with the social media generation e-books are becoming increasingly popular what with the kindle tablets and the ease of use - one click and you've purchased a new book without leaving your sofa.
While this is highly convenient every child should experience a library the social aspects of interacting with other book lovers, the discovery of new stories and books that may not be found in the school library.

Libraries are very much a part of a community not just for children but for pensioners as well with selections of large print books. For these people the library could be their one trip out a week- take this away what are they going to do? They are not part of the tablet/eBook generation and may be unable to make it into town for example to buy books. There are even some services in libraries that send out books for the elderly as part of community care. Take this away you take away a part of their independence, their freedom.

If you have a public library near you use it or it will be lost, depriving many people of a wonderful underrated community service.

Simple Roasted Veg

Monday 28 September 2015

One of the things I am most guilty of is not eating enough vegetables. The fact of the matter is I'm a lazy cook, especially with vegetables all the peeling and chopping.

Once past this point however roasting vegetables is a very tasty and simple (not to mention healthy) thing to cook on an evening.

What I put in my roasted veg:
- Carrots
- Parsnips
- Courgettes
- Red Peppers
- Potatoes
- Basil
- Vegetable Oil
- Cumin
- Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chop and peel your veg and potatoes then put in a tray or dish.

Pour oil over with basil, cumin and sweet chilli sauce.

Roast in the oven for 40 minutes up to an hour.

Then Voilà your veg is done and you can eat it with whatever meal you like.

What sort of herbs or spices do you like in your recipes?

Life Update

Saturday 26 September 2015

Autumn is well and truly upon us the evenings are becoming dark sooner and the mornings are colder. Work is insanely busy at the moment it's forcing me more and more out of my comfort zone.
I have to run a couple of events by myself next week which is insanely scary but I need to learn to deal with this and overcome my stage fright! I managed to get a day off on Friday as me and my aunt went to a spa day at Albrighton Hall. This was needed the stress of the week was overwhelming me!!
We had two treatments booked and use of the gym for the whole day. The treatments were in the afternoon so the morning was spent playing racquetball, swimming and using the gym and spa facilities.
Then for the treatments we both had a manicure and back massage - spa days make for the ultimate pamper/relaxation. It made me really want to join a gym again!

I also got to see my best friend who was back from Manchester for a few days, her and her boyfriend came round was such a lovely couple of evenings. I really miss her and need to go up and see her more often!
I'm also investing my time more in the people who make the effort wasting my time on people who don't message or have time for me is affecting my positivity immensely.

I'm off shopping tomorrow here's hoping I don't spend too much!!

That's my mini life update I will do a proper post next week.

Thanks for Reading xx

Flamingo Candles: My First Ever 'The Melt Crowd' Box

Wednesday 16 September 2015


I'm a bit late to the party on this but I got my FIRST EVER 'The Melt Crowd' box from Flamingo Candles. This is the box for September.
For those of you that do not know what 'The Melt Crowd' is it is a monthly subscription box from Flamingo Candles that sends you 8 different scented wax melts each month for the low cost of £10. (Note: if it's your first month you get sent a free wax burner like mine above ^ )

I think this has to be my new favourite thing ever! The scents are amazing!!

In this box I got:
  • Rose & Marshmallow
  • Circus Candy Floss
  • White Lilac & Rhubarb
  • Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon Peel
  • Lemon and Lime Mojito
  • Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber
  • Jamaican Café and Walnut
  • Crème Brulee
I think my favourite scent from the box was Rose & Marshallow it is sweet but not overpoweringly so and my least favourite would have to be the Jamaican Café and Walnut - not because I disliked it per say but I would not have chosen it for myself.
I can't wait to see what surprises next months box holds in store.
If you are fan of wax melts, candles or anything scented have a look for yourself you will not regret it!

Thanks for reading xx

Jersey Weekend

Sunday 13 September 2015


I recently went for a mini weekend away in Jersey. I had such a fantastic time! We stayed at The Savoy which was a very posh hotel  and as we were guests we had breakfast included in our stay. There was an array of fruit, cold meats and pastries and many mini pots of spreads and then you could order a cooked breakfast once you were sat down. We got into such a routine we'd have our pastries first ( I must say I miss having a croissant with nutella in a morning) then we'd order out cooked breakfast. The service was excellent and the food was lovely.
I get very excited about the food.
We only had two full days so we tried to make the most of these while there we went and saw the underground hospital from WW2 I found this to be incredibly fascinating and quite shocking to see what the people in Jersey went through during the world war. Made me feel incredibly grateful for the life I have and the amazing men that fought for us to have the life we have now.
We also went and visited Durrell zoo - I love visiting zoos of any kind getting to see wild animals up close. The basis of this zoo was about protecting endangered species and the proceeds from ticket sales went back into helping the animals.
We also went to something called living legend in Jersey which while being good for young children probably isn't as fun for two girls in their early twenties. The main basis for it was crazy golf and go karting, the golf was fun as who doesn't love crazy golf? However it rained and the go karting was cancelled so it felt abit of a wasted trip - especially when we realised we could have gone to France for the day!!
On out final day as we didn't have a full day we went on a morning your round the isle which had some beautiful views and scenery. We got some background information on Jersey and had a photo stop at the closest point to France (you could see the coastline in the distance) after this we went to the beach as the weather was lovely!
Then it was home time all in all it was a fun weekend with lots of interesting memories to say the least and I came back feeling incredibly refreshed the sea air must've agreed with me.
Thanks for reading xx

My MAC Lipsticks

Saturday 5 September 2015

(From Left to Right: Bronze Shimmer, Coral Bliss and Dubonnet Amplified.)
I thought I would share with you guys my MAC lipsticks I am slowly building up a collection and I have gone from barely wearing lipsticks to wearing a different shade most days.
Here are my favourite MAC shades at the moment:
Bronze Shimmer
This is a frost lipstick I recently got this shade it's so pretty and such a different colour. I was unsure if I could pull off this colour but I wore it once and got so many compliments. I think this is my favourite lipstick at the moment.
Coral Bliss
This is a cremesheen lipstick and is such a pretty coral colour that can be worn on a daily basis. This was the first MAC lipstick I ever purchased and it works well with my very pale skin.
Dubonnet Amplified
Don't we all search for that perfect red shade lipstick? I think for me this is the one!! It's dark enough that it's not too garish but it definitely is a statement lip colour. This will definitely be my going out lipstick!
So that is my MAC lipstick collection. If you have a MAC collection let me know what your favourites are. If you don't have any MAC lipsticks I highly recommend you treat yourself to one!!
Thanks for Reading xx
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