Travel: Disneyland California

Thursday 22 September 2016

You can't visit California and not go to Disneyland! While on our two week tour this was a must! This was one of the last few trips on the tour, you know what they say save the best for last!
We were lucky that when we went it landed on the 60th Celebration and they had exclusive merchandise and special parades going onto celebrate.

I had never been to Disney before and I am a massive fan, so of course I was like a kid in a sweet shop when we went and what better one to visit than the original Disneyland park?
(Please note: Ignore my outfit in these photos, it was a 2 week trip and towards the end of it stylish was not a look I could go for.)

My first impression was my god it is huge! Honestly you would need a whole day just to walk round it, not to mention queuing for rides and to meet the characters. (Which of course was at the top of my list.) There was so many people we got there early and stayed all day pretty much and by the end it was so crowded for the fireworks at the end.
It was fantastic they had themed stores everywhere, there was a dress up shop where little girls could go select a costume and get made up like a princess for the day. (Sadly they did not have this for adults as well.)
There were restaurants with different themes to do with different Disney movies, you name it they had it!
The park consisted of different areas each having a specific theme with rides and the characters to match.
While there were queues we waited and got photos with a fair few princesses, me and my friend were literally the only adults getting photos (Worth it!) Unfortunately I couldn't find Ariel (The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film!)
These are the photos I did manage to get:

Other characters I just took photos of:

The rides we went on were It's a Small World, the Winnie the Pooh ride, a Western Style Ride and the Snow White's Scary Adventure ride - I feel this one was definitely more aimed at children but it was a good laugh either way.

But my favourite ride of all had to be the Haunted Mansion, where you're being led on a tour through the mansion, the rooms change and switch, you have to jump on conveyor belts and then you're taken into a room of holographic 'ghosts'. I thought it was fantastic!

One thing we were really excited about being from the UK was the fact that we could get the Disney Pandora Charms while over there, I will admit I went a bit merchandise crazy and I got two mugs, some minnie mouse ears and two of the charms. When at Disney ey?

I ended my first Disney experience watching the fireworks show they performed on the lake (unfortunately my camera is incapable of taking good photos when it is dark.) It was honestly amazing I sang along and was mesmerised, they had all the characters together on a boat on the lake and they were projecting clips from the films onto the sky.

Overall I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to go back truly a place any Disney fan will love!

Have you been to any of the Disney parks?

Thanks for Reading!

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