Prague: The Charles Bridge

Tuesday 2 May 2017

While in Prague one of the sights that you have to go see if the Charles Bridge, it is a stunning piece of architecture. While pretty much all of the architecture in Prague is stunning this bridge can not be beat in terms of beauty and history! The bridge crosses the Vlatava river in between the new town and the old town.

The construction began under the reign of King Charles IV hence the name the Charles Bridge. As you walk down the bridge you are greeted by statues either side of different patron saints. Each has a different story or meaning. One statue in particular was well known by tourists there was a plaque and if men placed their hand on the plaque they are promising to be loyal to their partner, whereas if women placed their hand on the plaque they are hoping to get pregnant or have a child soon.
The view either side of the bridge was stunning and a sight to behold with all the majestic buildings as a backdrop. We must have crossed this bridge so many times on our trip to Prague, we even had a tour of the city which included the bridge and gave us a lot more of the background to its construction.

There is also the opportunity to go up into the tower on the bridge - please note there are many many stairs up the tower and we felt getting up to the top quite tiring!
There are a couple of rooms that you can visit one showing artefacts found in the river over time and the other showing construction of the tower and giving some facts.

There was a charge to enter but once at the top the view was stunning, you could see the whole city from above and it definitely gave some instagrammable photos if I do say so myself. It certainly was full of tourists and was rammed full of people almost everyday.

Overall I found this to be one of the most intriguing and interesting sights that we visited on the trip and getting to walk across is almmost everyday was amazing!

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