Lisbon: Santa Justa Lift

Sunday 29 April 2018

 Next stop on the Lisbon tour was the Santa Justa Lift located in the centre of Lisbon. It is a vertical structure consisting of a metal tower an observation platform and a walkway across to the shopping complex and the church ruins.

Just like the Rua Augusta Arch this sight gives a great view over the centre of Lisbon. The difference between the two is this gives a closer view to the church ruins so you get a closer look at what is left after the earthquake. Whereas the Arch gives a better view of the harbour area and the sea.
This sight is also included with the Lisboa card. One thing we did notice was there was always a queue to head up to the top, no matter the time of day. This is because they only allow a certain number of people up at one time.

In the end we just decided to wait to go up. The day happened to be a beautifully sunny one with blue skies and no clouds. Great weather for September making for some idyllic photos. 

I personally think both the lift and the arch are worth going up. Both give different perspective views over the city making for some great camera shots. 

Not to mention they also make good selfie spots!
 Have you visited Lisbon? Which site was your favourite?

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