Travel: Italy: Ventimiglia Friday Market

Wednesday 30 November 2016

As Nice is so close to the boarder between France and Italy we decided to hope over for the day and visit the Friday Market in Ventimiglia. This was probably the closest tourist attraction we could find that would mean it was a day trip only.

We have also seen many reviews where previous visitors had commented on the market. So we thought it would be a fun day out and mean a trip across the border into another country.
I had never been to Italy before so I was super excited! I also found out that I knew more Italian phrases than French. Where I have picked these up from I have no idea!

There was a straight train to the area but for anyone visiting Nice prepare to be confused by the train station. Instead of it being on the board as Ventimiglia it is on there as Vintimille. Maybe that is because that is how you say it, otherwise I'm not sure of the purpose it serves. Same with on the way back Nice is called Nizza in Italy.

We had a confused wander before finding the correct train that is for sure! Onto the market!

This was the market they have every Friday it is massive and all outdoors with some stunning backdrop views! There was also a mini indoor market which we wandered into first selling different types of food and flowers (again fake. What is up with the fake flowers! )

The food was divine and I finally got to try a proper Italian Cannoli cream and pastry you just can't go wrong I opted for the vanilla one and got the last one.

Despite them being fake I was a fan of the flowers they had some some beautiful arrangements.

The outdoor market however didn't particularly inspire me I was looking for some unique souvenirs to take back and the majority of it was handbags, jewellery and clothing. It also appeared that a fair few stalls were selling exactly the same things. I was dubious of buying anything to be honest my friend tried on a coat and the zip split as she zipped it up. Doesn't exactly scream buy me I'm good quality.

In the end I didn't get anything from the market I was more expecting it to be crafts and souvenirs and it wasn't really anything like that.

The only thing I ended up getting gift wise was some Italian biscuits from a nearby store. As well as some Gelato purely because it was white chocolate flavoured. I stuffed myself with sweet goods on that day!

Overall I would say if you're in the area it is definitely worth the trip out just to experience a different culture and see some stunning views.

I ended up with some nice photos from the day and it was a lovely sunny day out. If you're staying in Nice it definitely is worth the trip but the market is the main attraction.

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