Travel: Yosemite National Park

Monday 26 September 2016

Another stop on our trip was Yosemite National Park which is located in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. 
The park is stunning and absolutely massive we were put on the tourist trail in the valley which wasn't long and there was no chance of you losing your way and getting lost, you could just follow the crowds. The weather was sweltering but the trees gave off some much needed shade and you got sprayed with water from the waterfalls while walking by.

Even on this trail which must be highly popular you can see that the park is taken care of and that the habitats for the animals are not disturbed, bar of course there being a path through the trees.
As you can see from the pictures above these are the waterfalls I mentioned the one on the left being the iconic Bridalveil Fall. 

Along with so many amazing views, the trees are Giant Sequoia's and they were absolutely massive, they would have dwarfed the forest trees in England easily. It was such a calming walk especially after being on a coach for hours on end. (note the photo top left is me holding bob the bear in front of one of the views.)

The park is full of wildlife this deer being one example, we were literally in touching distance and she did not get spooked. Just carried on with what she was doing as you can see I got a bit photo happy and took a fair few photos of the deer. I imagine that if you went deep enough into the forest there would be other creatures such as bears.

This is definitely a place to visit if you love being out in nature it's a peaceful and relaxing walk, with great views and photo opportunities everywhere you turn.
I love going on walks and being out in nature so this sight was right up my street. You definitely can't beat a National Park.

Have you ever been to Yosemite or one of the other National Parks?

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