New York: Ground Zero

Sunday 13 March 2016

While in New York we also visited Ground Zero the site where the twin towers used to stand.
I wasn't sure what to expect from this and hadn't seen any photos of what the memorial looked like. When we got there I was stuck for words, they have made the site where the buildings used to be into one giant water feature with all the victims names carved around the edge.

The day we visited was sunny there wasn't a cloud in the sky, I was struck by how haunting the area felt. Something so serene in the hustle and bustle of the financial district.
It moved me to the point of near tears a feeling I will never forget! I certainly didn't expect to be as affected by the site as I was.
We took a few photos but overall just stared at the memorial, time felt like it had stopped in this one section of the district.

The memorial is such a strong symbol taking something that was such a tragic and horrific event and turning the area into something that is hauntingly beautiful. While at the same time making sure that what happened is not forgotten and that it is a tribute to all those innocent people who were taken far too soon.
It humbled me in a way I didn't expect and made me thankful for all the small things I take for granted.
I was about 8 when 9/11 happened and being so young did not grasp the enormity or reality of what had happened and this out everything into perspective for me.

Have any of you visited the memorial? How did it make you feel?

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  1. I had no idea it was a water feature as well! I've never looked for it online, but it is somewhere I want to visit as I was nearly 10 when it happened and I remember being really sad about it all and now at nearly 24, I want to go and see it so the people who were sadly killed are never forgotten. Tania xx


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