Simple Roasted Veg

One of the things I am most guilty of is not eating enough vegetables. The fact of the matter is I'm a lazy cook, especially with vegetables all the peeling and chopping.

Once past this point however roasting vegetables is a very tasty and simple (not to mention healthy) thing to cook on an evening.

What I put in my roasted veg:
- Carrots
- Parsnips
- Courgettes
- Red Peppers
- Potatoes
- Basil
- Vegetable Oil
- Cumin
- Sweet Chilli Sauce

Chop and peel your veg and potatoes then put in a tray or dish.

Pour oil over with basil, cumin and sweet chilli sauce.

Roast in the oven for 40 minutes up to an hour.

Then Voilà your veg is done and you can eat it with whatever meal you like.

What sort of herbs or spices do you like in your recipes?


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