Jersey Weekend

Sunday, 13 September 2015


I recently went for a mini weekend away in Jersey. I had such a fantastic time! We stayed at The Savoy which was a very posh hotel  and as we were guests we had breakfast included in our stay. There was an array of fruit, cold meats and pastries and many mini pots of spreads and then you could order a cooked breakfast once you were sat down. We got into such a routine we'd have our pastries first ( I must say I miss having a croissant with nutella in a morning) then we'd order out cooked breakfast. The service was excellent and the food was lovely.
I get very excited about the food.
We only had two full days so we tried to make the most of these while there we went and saw the underground hospital from WW2 I found this to be incredibly fascinating and quite shocking to see what the people in Jersey went through during the world war. Made me feel incredibly grateful for the life I have and the amazing men that fought for us to have the life we have now.
We also went and visited Durrell zoo - I love visiting zoos of any kind getting to see wild animals up close. The basis of this zoo was about protecting endangered species and the proceeds from ticket sales went back into helping the animals.
We also went to something called living legend in Jersey which while being good for young children probably isn't as fun for two girls in their early twenties. The main basis for it was crazy golf and go karting, the golf was fun as who doesn't love crazy golf? However it rained and the go karting was cancelled so it felt abit of a wasted trip - especially when we realised we could have gone to France for the day!!
On out final day as we didn't have a full day we went on a morning your round the isle which had some beautiful views and scenery. We got some background information on Jersey and had a photo stop at the closest point to France (you could see the coastline in the distance) after this we went to the beach as the weather was lovely!
Then it was home time all in all it was a fun weekend with lots of interesting memories to say the least and I came back feeling incredibly refreshed the sea air must've agreed with me.
Thanks for reading xx

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