Mixed Martial Arts for Beginners First Impressions

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Before Christmas me and my friend took part in a self defence course which lasted six weeks. It was fun, challenging and a good way to start keeping fit.
So after all the fuss of Christmas and the endless amount of food as part of my resolutions I decided to continue with the exercise in an aim to get fit in 2016.

To do this I went to a lesson of Beginners Mixed Martial Arts after being told that we could continue on to that.

First impressions being that it didn't really seem much like a class for Beginners most of the people there had been going for months or even years - oh and they were all guys! Me and my friend were the only girls.

Not going to lie that was mildly intimidating!

We started with a warm up which was basically running around and doing 20 sets of different exercises.
All fairly simple.

We then got partnered up with guys to practice punching and the guy I was partnered with was lovely and really good at giving tips on the right stances and how to punch.

We thought the class was only an hour however it turned into a two hour class! Was not prepared for that amount of exercise!

We then had to keep switching partners and practice trying to punch each other as if we were boxing. Being a beginner I was not good at this and did not get it however all the guys I was partnered with were really nice and helpful.

It then went onto 'sprawling' which was basically trying to gain the advantage while fighting on the ground. Again we were put with the guys for the groundwork abit odd but not unexpected for the martial arts - just a tad strange wrapping your legs around many different strangers!!

However I did enjoy the technique of it all learning how to gain the advantage if somebody was sat on top of you.

While they were all going easy on us being the only girls when they were sprawling with each other it seemed very rough and almost quite brutal!!

Overall while being a great experience I did not feel the mixed martial arts class was for me.
It's been two days and I am still hurting I suppose they do say no pain no gain. However I have been walking around as if I am injured and making loads of oooh and umph noises.

As I liked the punching and kicking aspect of the class I will be trying the padfit. Which is basically circuits, punching and kicking without any sprawling.

Hopefully that class will be a better fit.

Thanks for Reading!!


  1. I've always wanted to try something like this but it does sound very intense and gruelling. Not sure how I'd cope with a 2 hour class as my first class, especially if I had no idea as to what I was doing.

    1. It was intense for a Beginners Class! But I did push myself too hard. I would definitely recommend trying it all things aside it was good fun! Or something like padfit which is punching and kicking that's alot easier to learn than the ground fighting things. :) if you ever give it a go let me know what you think xx


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