The Palace of Versailles

Friday, 16 August 2019

Back in the Summer of 2018 when we had the massive heatwave I had a weeks holiday to Paris, while there we had a day trip to the Palace of Versailles to see the stunning architecture and the sprawling grounds.

Being June time there were massive queues to get in meaning we had to stand in the scorching sun waiting to get in, so if you are planning on going I would recommend booking tickets in advance.

The palace is now classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site having being the royal residence for Louis XIV until the start of the French Revolution.

The palace which was also once home for Marie Antionette is a stunning piece of architecture most notably known inside the walls for its expansive room dubbed the hall of mirrors. Encompassing a hall with mirrors all down once side and stunning intricate glass chandeliers that go down the full length of the hall.
This was by far my favourite room inside of the palace it was breath taking to see and certainly was the highlight of the sights that you could see inside and if you only want to visit one part of the palace this should be it.

After making our way around the inside of the palace (we did not visit all of the rooms as the building itself is massive) we decided to explore the grounds. The gardens themselves are incredibly massive comprising of woodlands, lakes, sculptures and various other outbuildings that you can walk around. To get the best view and make the most of our time we rented a golf car that you can drive around.
Even via golf car the views of the garden mixed with the extremely hot sunny day were a sight to behold and had we not used this means of transportation we might not have got to see as much as we did in the time that we had.
There was also the option to rent boats on the lake which had we had more time I can imagine it would have been a lovely relaxing way to spend some time floating around and admiring the greenery. If you are heading to Paris a day trip to Versailles should definitely be on your bucket list, such a stunning feat of architecture needs to be seen.

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