23 Things That Make Me Happy at 23

Sunday, 17 April 2016

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday I turned 23. Yikes with each coming year it feels like I should be a fully functioning adult by now. Instead I still need around three alarms to get up in a morning.

I thought to mark this occasion blogwise I would share with you all 23 things that make me happy.

1. Family - it is the most important thing. They are the people that are always there for you through thick and thin.

2. Friends - I really do have some wonderful friends in my life that are always only a phone call away.

3. Reading - kind of a given seeing as I work in a library. I just love that for a period of time you can escape into a different world almost. Escapism at its finest.

4. Cats - strange I know but cats seem to love me - maybe it's a sign of things to come but they are so cute.

5. Greyhounds - my step-mom has 4 greyhounds and they are the daftest loveable animals going.

6. Walks - just walking anywhere chatting with a friend. I'm fortunate to live by some really beautiful countryside with plenty of different walks to go on.

7. Padfit - I started attending these classes this year and even if I really don't want to go sometimes I always come out feeling exhilarated and happy. Maybe exercise really does make you happy.

8. TV Shows - I'm abit of a TV addict so finding new shows that keep me hooked is always a guilty pleasure.

9. Tea - my drink of choice. A cuppa makes everything better.

10. Pasta - I have an obsession. Bella Italia is slowly becoming my restaurant of choice.

11. Log fires - we have a proper wood burning fire at home and every time it is on the house feels so cosy and inviting. It also has a wonderful smell.

12. New Make-up - for most girls this is guaranteed to make you happy. It's always fun to have new makeup to play with.

13. Travelling - I love going abroad, exploring new places. Seeing sights and learning the history and culture of different countries is fascinating.

14. Music - finding a new catchy song is always a fun thing. I usually end up playing the song over and over for days on end. My current song obsession - Forget Me Now by Against the Current.

15. Cake - baking it eating it any form of cake really.

16. Giving surprise gifts - just little things on days that are not someone's birthday. It always makes someone happy.

17. Writing blogs - I find it is a fun way to express myself and interact with so many different people.

18. Snow - I love the beauty of it.

19. Going to the beach - I'm fortunate to live a few hours away from a beach. (That's not too far) I love sitting and listening the sea the rhythmic sound of it. Having a go on those penny games that you're never going to win at, but you keep trying because one more penny might make the difference between 2 pence and 1 pound. Fish and chips down by the beach, making sandcastles and trying to dig a massive hole down to the ocean.

20. Flowers - a bunch of flowers can really brighten up a room.

21. Small gestures - I often think these are more important than the bigger gestures. Just the little reminders that somebody has thought of you or that you have thought about someone else.

22. Photos - Moments in time captured with a simple click of a button. You can look at photographs and re-live some great memories over and over.

23. Random adventures - I find nothing more fun than going on random unplanned days or evenings out. There's something exciting and rather empowering about deciding to do something and just going then and there.

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