Kylie Lipkit Review: Posie K

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ever since Kylie Jenner released lipkits everyone and their uncle has been trying to get their hands on them. There have been countless reviews and I thought I would add mine to the mix.

After missing out the first time I had tried to order Posie K (I had it in my basket and everything.) I spent awhile deliberating whether it was worth it to order.

I kept hearing bad reviews on customer service, products going missing, people getting the wrong orders.
This was really off putting and as the products aren't cheap especially when ordering to the UK. You want some guarantee that if the product is damaged you would get a replacement.

I weighed up my options and decided to take the risk especially after hearing the hype on how good the product was.
I'm extremely partial to a matte Lip and I have to say this product did not diappoint!

The lip kit came in the usual box with the drips down the sides and the cute note card from Kylie. I rushed home with excitement after seeing it had been delivered and happened to be very lucky there were no customs charges. 

The formula is so pigmented, you only need one layer of product over the lip liner to achieve a beautiful lip look.
The lip liner is so smooth and slides on so easily it's as though it's made of butter.

The packaging of the tube and lip liner matches the themed packaging perfectly with the drips on the tube. One thing to note is the tube does not have a stopper and the formula is very runny. If you're a clutz like me then make sure that that does not get knocked over. 

Posie K is the perfect mauvey pink! I'm not a fan of bright in your face pink lipsticks and it is not a colour I tend to pick up to buy. This changed my mind completey, it is my new favourite lipstick. I have worn it literally every day since it arrived, every time I catch sight of the colour in a mirror I think that is a great colour. I'm obsessed!

Obviously being a matte finish it is drying that can't be avoided, I get really dry lips but when I'm wearing this product I honestly forget that I have lipstick on. It doesn't transfer to cups, it doesn't flake and the colour lasts pretty much all day!

The fact that I love this product so much has made me want to get more of the Kylie lipkits. Heres hoping they sort out the customer service though every customers deserves to get the correct and undamaged product they ordered!

Here's waiting for the new colours and the next restock!

Thanks for Reading!!


  1. I adore these :) got 2 colours!
    i've just set up my blog again so pop over and have a look :)

    1. Which two did you get? Will give your blog a look :) x

  2. Looks stunning! Such a lovely colour it's a shame about the bottle stopper though X

    1. Yeah it is! Though it has not caused me any issues so far so can't complain really x


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