Where Have I Been?

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Things have been absolutely manic as of late with a lot of personal issues cropping up that have just left me feeling drained, down and frankly not wanting to do anything at all.

Amidst this drama I have visited Aberystwyth for a week! (Hence the artsy photos above.)
Why you may ask? I agreed with my work that I would complete a distance learning degree. It has been a long time coming but I have finally completed the first week of the study school.

This meant a lot of firsts for me. First time driving to Aberystwyth, first time collecting a key, first time staying in student accomodation. It felt almost like leaving home and going to uni.
The only difference being that I am only down here for a week then I am off back home to learn from afar. As distance learning would suggest.

It was confusing to say the least with a lot of information being thrown at you in a short space of time.

The obvious questions ran through my brain:

- Why did I sign up for this?
- Do I still remember how to write an essay? Is it as easy to remember as riding a bike?
- The mention of presentation skills means possibly have to give presentations *runs away quickly*
- I'm sure this will be easy.
- No no it won't run run for the hills.
- No one said anything about exams?!

On the plus side we did get to go down to the beach and I met some lovely people.

Fast forward after the week and I have completed my first assignment a report of the study school.
Has anyone else had to write reports for their degree? This is definitely the first time I have had to complete anything like that.
I am feeling a lot more in control of the situation now I know what is required of me and am ready for the challenge!

So that is a bit about why I have been so absent on the blog front of late. More posts will be coming soon!

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