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Friday, 2 September 2016

I have been using my blog alot more reccently and I'm really enjoying creating posts and having people actually read and comment on them. I thought i would share with you some of my goals for my blog hopefully within the next year:

1. Reach 50 followers. (im currently at 14 on blogger and 21 on google+  which amazes me that even this many people want to follow and read my ramblings.)

2. Create better quality photographs for blog posts. I can be abit lazy with photos and just upload them as they are. Id like to start editing them abit more and make them a higher quality.

3. Join in more blogger chats. With doing a distance learning degree and having a social life i seem to miss all the blog chats. I normally catch the lbloggers chat but i really enjoy interacting and getting to know fellow bloggers and this is something I want to do more of.

4. Join in the local blogging community. Ive been trying to interact with local bloggers more and more, it's nice to know that the area I live in has a blogging community.

5. Post more frequently line up posts ready for specific days every week. At the moment it is more of a when i feel like posting blog and i would like to have more of a schedule. However I don't want to post blogs just because I feel like I have to so we shall see how that one pans out.

Honestly though the fact that my little slice of the internet has even 10 followers currently amazes me, and I really appreciate and the views and comments. It is nice to know that some people out there actually take the time to read my posts, this is just a hobby for me and it amazes me when I actually get views so thank you for taking an interest and giving my blog a read.

If you read this and have a blog comment your link down below, I always like having new blogs to read.

Thanks for Reading!

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  1. Great goals! I can especially relate to points 2 and 3. I really want to improve my photography and also get into taking part in Twitter chats too. :)

    Ashton xx
    @ashtongibbs | Beauty, Books and Babble


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