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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

This is a very belated post but on Black Friday (yes that long ago) I had a small haul on the Glamglow UK website. I did not know they had a UK website so I jumped at a chance to give these a try.

For those of you that don't know GlamGlow have a load of different face masks on sale to suit your skins needs.

I really wanted to get the Glamglow firming mud treatment mask (not because I needed it but because if I remember correctly this one smells amazing!) Sadly there isn't an option to buy this on the UK website! Why?

So in the end I opted for the Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment. I went for the travel size option because I was not sure what I would think of the product and I didn't want to commit myself to an expensive purchase on something I might not like.

Let me tell you when they say travel size they mean travel size! The pot is tiny it was £14 for 15g of product. Which is only to be expected with such a high end brand really!

At the checkout you had the option of adding in two free samples to try. (Bonus I love when companies do this!) 

I chose the Supermud and the Powermud Dual Clense treatment.

I will admit so far I have only tried the Supermud travel sample so I will give you my thoughts on that.

It honestly looked like you were putting cement on your face from the dark grey colour and thick consistency. The smell was pleasant enough but not amazing. The aim of this mask is to make your skin clear and poreless.

I have to give my honest opinion of this one I was not a fan! I have very sensitive skin, but I had no complaints while I had the mask on no stinging nothing!

When I removed the mask however both of my cheeks flared up hot and red and rather than enjoy the experience I spent most of the evening wondering if I was about to have an allergic reaction. Of course this is just my own opinion I have heard others talk about this product and they have had no issue. So it is probably just my sensitive skiin.

I have not tried either of the others yet so I will reserve judgement as they might be far more suited to my skin than the Supermud mask was. 

Once I have tried these I will do a review and let you know if I think these products are worth the hype and money.

Have you tried any GlamGlow products what did you think?

Thanks for Reading!!

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