Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Sunday, 17 December 2017

This week has been an odd one the snow around the Shropshire area caused everything to come to a standstill. 
This meant plans needing to be rearranged and a fair few snow days from work. While this prevented me from visiting the Shrewsbury Christmas Market and actually leaving the house it gave some much needed relaxation.

It makes you realise how busy you usually are. Running around here and there and not really taking any time for yourself to truly relax.
 I spent the weekend resting, reading the books that I just haven't got around to and going on walks in the area.
While snow may disrupt every normal routine, you have to admit it makes every view that bit more stunning adding a wonderful wintery filter everywhere.

It gave me some much needed respite from the day to day jobs keeping me busy that I didn't even realise I needed. 

I can't remember the last time we had this much snow in December and it gave me the festive mood that I have been lacking this month. 

Hope you have all enjoyed the snow as much as I have (if you have had any).

Thanks for Reading!

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