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Saturday, 3 March 2018

With the snow causing everything to come to a crashing halt this past week I've been reminiscing to better weather holidays. 
It got me thinking about some of the best places and sights that I've visited and I thought I would share these with you. Just to prepare you this list is a long one!
Empire State Building - New York
Visiting the Empire state building was always at the top of my list and it sure did not disappoint! We went to the top at night time while the whole city was lit up making the whole experience ten times better. A night I will not soon forget!

 The Long Room, Trinity College Library - Dublin
I have to visit the library no matter where I am on holiday and the best one I've seen by far is The Long Room at Trinity college in Dublin. Steeped in history this library left me in awe with its classic dark wood paneling and vast collection of historic books. While you are not allowed to touch them it's a joy to see this captured moment of history.
Petrin Tower - Prague
The Petrin Tower is Prague's version of the Eiffel Tower. While the tower itself doesn't quite capture the magic of the Eiffel Tower the panoramic view over the city at the top cannot be beat. If you're walking to the top make sure you prepare for the windy ascent. 
The Statue of Liberty- New York
Another New York sight what can I say I'm a huge fan of the big apple. Nothing encompasses the city more than lady liberty. While it's not as imposing as some of the other sights in person it is one that you can't miss. We took a boat tour around the statue with the sun shining and it was a fantastic day!
 Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona, USA
If you only had the option to see one sight in the world it has to be the Grand Canyon. You just cannot comprehend the vastness and scale of it all until you see it in person. While I only walked around part of the canyon the views left their mark and the weather was beautiful.
 9/11 Memorial - New York
A sight that might seem an odd addition to the list is the memorial for the 9/11 victims. This memorial affected me immensely, the energy around the area was somber and it really made me realise the gravity of what happened all those years ago. I truly think everyone should go there and pay their respects to all the victims of that tragedy. We will not forget!
São Jorge Castle - Lisbon
There are some wonderful sights in Lisbon but the view from the Sao Jorge Castle in Lisbon is breath taking. There is also a tour round the castle which gives a great insight into the history of Lisbon along with a walk along the castle walls. 
 Castle Hill - Nice, France
I'm most definitely a sucker for a good panoramic view and Castle Hill gives a marvellous view of Nice along the coast. The spot is idyllic with a hidden waterfall at the top giving the top of the hill a magical air.
Lennon Wall - Prague
Prague is most definitely a fairy tale city with many wonderful sights. One of the most unique being the Lennon Wall put together from all sorts of different graffiti art. Tucked away hidden behind a church it is not easily pointed out on maps. It's certainly worth searching this out, go early and beat the crowds. 
The Astronomical Clock - Prague
I love anything that has a fairy tale esque vibe and the astronomical clock in Prague delivers just that. Set in the square in the new part of the town the architecture is incredibly intricate and beautiful. 
Yosemite National Park - California, USA
What can I say I love a good national park and Yosemite is one that would be hard to beat. The park is massive and the views are breath taking. This park has it all giant redwood trees, cliffs, waterfalls and lots of different wildlife wandering around while you walk past. I could not choose which I prefer between this and the Grand Canyon both left a lasting effect.      
If you have managed to get to the end of this rather long post then I thank you. There were just too many sights to narrow down. I hope this post inspired your next adventure and I can't wait to start planning which sights I want to visit next.

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