Memory Scrapbooking

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

 Memory Scrapbooking

With all this extra time on my hands I have finally got around to starting a task I have had on my to do list for years! This would be my holiday memory scrapbook.

Over the past 6 years whenever I went on holiday I took photos and kept hold of tickets to sights, boarding passes, metro ickets etc. This was all with the intention of putting them together creatively into a scrapbook so that I could look back on my favourite memories from my various trips.
Included in this post are some pictures of my progress so far with this scrapbook. I've already managed to fill nearly one book because I just cannot choose between photos!

What I have enjoyed the most about this project at this time is that it has given me a creative outlet and something to focus on amidst all the chaos going on in the world currently.

I've really let my creative juices flow and created things out of coloured paper like mini planes, mini suitcases and flags for the different countries all to stick onto the pages with the photos and tickets to make them stand out.

I love the idea of having a book like this put together that I can pull out and have a look at over the years.

I still have a long way to go with this project but I am grateful to have something that I can use as a creative outlet where I can look back over my favourite memories and happier times while new memories currently cannot be made.

What have you been doing with your extra time during this lockdown? What do you enjoy doing that brings out your creativity?

Thanks for Reading!

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