Lake Vyrnwy

Thursday 15 October 2020

This picture shows the dam at lake vyrnwy.

Lake Vyrnwy

Now that we are out of lockdown I have been slowly ticking off my UK destination bucket list. One of these destinations that I have heard a lot about but have never seen in person is Lake Vyrnwy. The lake is a reservoir in Powys and has become an important nature reserve for habitats and wildlife, with the total walk around the lake equalling 12 miles.

We arrived on a sunny Saturday and decided to walk around the lake to get views of both the dam and the gothic tower stretching out into the middle of the lake.

The gothic revival straining tower at lake vyrnwy.

Before commencing our walk we went up to the Lake Vyrnwy hotel, they have an outdoor picnic area  and have added a bar and a food stand for people to eat and drink outside with the ability to social distance during this time. This was a lovely area to take our own food to and eat while having lovely views of the lake. 

The hotel itself looked like a wonderful place to stay however when checking availability it was fully booked on the days we were visiting unfortunately! I would however love to go back at a different time and stay over in the hotel.

Me and my boyfriend in front of lake vyrnwy.
Me sitting in front of lake vyrnwy
While the walk we went on was not massively long we found some wonderful viewpoints around the lake where we could just sit and take in the calming surroundings. Our walk took us between the reservoir and the tower. There were a lot of other walks including woodland trails that we did not get chance to hike, these would be great reasons to head back.

If you are a fan of getting out into nature and enjoy wonderful scenic views this lake is definitely the perfect place to visit and grab some rest.

Please note the car park is currently closed due to a landslide so parking is limited, so I would recommend if you want to visit get there early.

Have you visited Lake Vyrnwy before? What were your thoughts on the area? Comment below and let me know.

Thanks for Reading!

The Gothic Revival Straining tower

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