A Month of Firsts

Saturday, 24 January 2015

This month has been one with many firsts for me.
- Paying off my first holiday to the USA ✈
- Having to do a visa for the first time.
- Learning how to do new jobs at work
- Going Water Zorbing

I feel like this year is going to be one of change, one of taking more risks, experiencing new things and taking risks that I wouldn't normally.

Do you ever feel like you worry about other people too much? That you spend most of your time trying to please others than doing things that are the best for you.

This year is going to be different its going to be about new experiences, making the most of every situation - using this to grow as a person.

To start of this year of new experiences today I went water zorbing. This is where you are in a huge inflatable ball on some water - in this case it was a lake. You then have to attempt to stand and move the ball around pretty much resulting in you falling over ALOT.

It is hilarious and good fun for friends or couples to do together.

This should be the year that you go out, do something you wouldn't normally, take a risk you don't know what it may lead to.


  1. I seriously love your posts

    1. No problem! Btw I got your request,I would just like to say that all you have to do to follow a blog is to go onto your reading list, click add then paste the url of the blog you want to follow! You get a new notification every time a blog you follow posts! Thank you for following my blog xx

    2. No problem I googled it afterwards so confusing!! Haha xx


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