My Bucket List of Places to See:

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Deciding you want to travel isn't the hardest part. Getting there is harder.
Anyone can pick a few places to go and never have the intention of sorting out the actual details.
So where does the motivation come from? That motivation that makes you save rather than splurging or going out constantly like the rest of the people our age.

For me it's the drive to see more, do more, to know that my money is going towards more than just some drunken nights out every week.

There's stuff you can only learn by seeing things in person rather than through a screen.

My Bucket List of Places to see:
- New York
- Reykjavik Iceland (Northern Lights)
- China (great wall of China)
- Alaska
-New Orleans
- Hawaii
- Tokyo Japan

First stop on my travelling list will be California USA where I will be going on a 16 day guided tour seeing the highlights.
During this I will be keeping a diary and taking many pictures ready to blog ☺

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