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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hi Readers,

I'm going to be lazy on this blog post! Instead of writing a completely new post from scratch I thought I would share some of my creative writing. I did this for a course awhile ago and it had to be kept to 250 words hence the shortness of it. Depending on the feedback this might persuade me to start doing more creative writing again as I procrastinate ALOT.

Here it is:

The door creaked as he slowly pushed against it the room was empty except for a single chair. Jake turned to Doctor Coleman. ‘What am I supposed to do?’

He pointed at the chair ‘Just sit and do as we discussed all will be revealed in the duration of the experiment’ the door shut behind him and the lock slid into place. The room was now draped in darkness the only light coming from a single bulb that just about illuminated the chair.

24 hours that’s what the ad had said just you and your worst fear.

Jake wasn’t exactly sure how this would work, how could you face a fear when you didn’t even know what it was?

This is why he was here sat in this confined space which judging by the barely visible scratches that were etched up the door and on the walls, was probably once used as some sort of confinement cell.

He did as they had discussed he thought about his nightmare. The never ending running always away from someone or something. He couldn’t stop he had to get away.
He thought about it until the fear of it was too overwhelming. He opened his eyes.

The room was as it had been but now another chair was in front of him and it was occupied. The man had the same green eyes, the same messy brown haircut. It was almost as if he was looking in a mirror.

Jake was staring at himself.


  1. Wow! This is seriously good! The way that you input the meaning to the story at the end of it is really clever, well done! Please carry on posting your writing! x

  2. Pretty intense stuff! You should do more of these:)


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