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Saturday, 14 February 2015

A bit of valentines fiction for you all in honour of today:

It was all set!

The house was ready everything was perfect down to the last tiny detail.

The white roses were brought they were clean and pristine, the gifts were all wrapped with red shiny paper- white bows all tied symmetrically.

The candles- white of course were all lit illuminating the room with a golden glow. 

He stood in the doorway surveying his work, she was going to love it! 

It was valentines day and he had set up the perfect evening.
Drinks and a meal followed by a moonlit walk on the beach and then back to his apartment. It would be a night she would never forget.
Grinning to himself he straightened his white silk tie, put on his jacket and grabbed his keys to head out to the bar.

"The Green Tree" the perfect bar for a certain kind of class, only the attractive and wealthy went out here, it was the mist expensive bar in town. Decked out with chrome tables, green bar stools and chairs. Everything was sleek, smooth and most importantly clean.

He found his usual table it gave him a view of the whole bar, tonight would be the night - she was already here he was sure of it! He could already smell her rose scented perfume, see her golden blond hair bounce up and down as she laughed.

She was going to have the best night of her life - she just didn't know it yet.

Now all he had to do was introduce himself.

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