Broken Doll Costume and Halloween

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween is by far my favourite time of year I love thinking up costume ideas and getting dressed up!
My costume this year was a broken China doll.

To create this look you will need:
- White Face Paint
- Black Eyeliner
- False Eyelashes
- Red Lipstick
- An orangey eye shadow (I used Urban Decays Bitter)

First off you put your foundation on as a base then cover your face with the white face paint (this make take a fair few layers to build it up)

Then you use the black Eyeliner to draw on the cracks be as creative as you want with these.

I then put the Urban Decay Bitter eye-shadow in the crease of each eye, put on your false eyelashes with a bit of Mascara.

Finally add on your lipstick only in the middle of your lips.

Now for pictures from Halloween I went with my aunt to her friends we made cake, took Sweets and ate loads of food:

I had a lovely if not a tad tipsy evening and I highly enjoyed getting dressed up.

What did you all do for Halloween? What did you dress up as?

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