Flamingo Candles: The Melt Crowd- Box Three

Sunday, 15 November 2015

A new month equals a new 'Melt Crowd' box from Flamingo Candles *squeels with joy*
This box never gets old previous subscription boxes I have had in the past I just got bored of them, the products, everything!
This one however is the gift that keeps on giving! This is my third month subscribed to the Melt Crowd and this box is the BEST one yet!!

Here are the scent melts that I received:

Blackberry & Bayleaf: Sweet yet refreshing will definitely brighten up a room.

Bah Humbug!: I love the Christmassy twist and who doesn't like the minty smell of humbugs?

Warm Vanilla Sugar: Again another sweet one I am a big fan of sweet scents and I don't think there is anyone who dislikes the smell of vanilla.

Darjeeling Tea: An odd smell, the one that is definitely the most potent and yet I still like it.

Violet & Lime: This one smells slight like the Palma Violets scent melt but the lime gives it an added refreshing kick.

Christmas- Tree - O: Another of their Christmas scent melts. I'm not sure exactly what this one is supposed to smell like. It doesn't smell like a Christmas tree in my opinion but whatever it is it has a nice scent.

Blackcurrant Jam: Probably my favourite from this months box it just reminds me of jam when it is cooking.

Palma Violets: Who didn't love these sweets and their smell as a child!

All in all the best box Flamingo Candles has put together so far this one will be hard to top in my opinion!

Finally as it was my third month of subscribing to the Melt Crowd I got an added extra! That's right just for staying subscribed I got some scent eggs:

They came in fruit scents: Mango, Cranberry, Lime and Orange and you can mix them together to make an individual scent.

This is a fantastic idea and definitely keeps me singing the praises for Flamingo Candles. If you haven't heard of them yet where have you been?!
Here is their website you can check out the Melt Crowd subscription or just buy individual candles, scent melts etc. Christmas is around the corner and these would make wonderful gifts!

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