What's Wrong With Being Single?

Sunday, 27 December 2015

This is a topic that has been brought to my attention recently what with the majority of my friends being loved up or in relationships.
This being the case most people seem to think that because you are the single one you must be looking to date or find a relationship.

My answer to this is no!

This added with the ever more frequent "Don't worry you will find someone!" Leads me to think there is a massive stigma especially on females that if you are single you must not be happy!?

I'm going to give you a list of reasons why I am happy being single:
- I can do exactly what I want when I want
- No relationship drama
- More time for hobbies, friends and family
- You can get away with being lazy on the grooming (no need to be perfectly plucked and made up to impress anyone)
- You can be selfish have lots of 'me time' pamper evenings, watch girly films, eat that whole pizza to yourself!
- No heartache - cause isn't that the worst thing about dating?

Don't get me wrong I'm not anti-relationships and am very happy for people who are loved up.
I just feel content with being young and single at the present.
I have more time for myself, hobbies, friends and family and that makes me feel fulfilled.

I've had my fair share of heartache it would seem that dating in this generation either doesn't exist or isn't exclusive and being a person with old fashioned values I find that hard to get behind.

So I'm taking a break not because I am unhappy purely the opposite I am happy with how things currently are. This could all change dependent on the right person but let's get rid of the stigma

Single can mean happy!

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