Lifestyle: My First Attempt at Dairy Free Pesto

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

As I am trying to eat less dairy in my diet I decided to to attempt cooking some dairy free versions of foods that I love that contain milk products. I am a huge fan of pesto especially on pasta so I thought I would see if the dairy free version was just as good! This would be my first attempt at cooking Dairy Free Pesto and at cooking pesto in general.
So its not as blended as it could be (lets blame the blender for that) and at first I thought I had added far too much garlic and that it was going to be a disaster! Thankfully it turned out really well and went nicely with the courgetti (courgettes as spaghetti surprisingly nice!) I had for my tea.

Here's the recipe I used if anyone is interested in having a go at making this:

- 2 Handfuls of Basil Leafs

- 1 and a half handfuls of Cashew Nuts 
(used as an alternative to pine nuts as I didn't fancy spending £5 on one bag)

- Olive Oil

- Garlic 
(I used half a clove but that was far too much for the quantity I was making. I would recommend less than that unless you making in bulk quantity.)
- Touch of Salt

1. Blend your basil and garlic together with a touch of salt.
2. Add the cashew nuts and blend till they're broken down into small pieces.
3. Add some olive oil to join the mixture together. Blend again then add a couple more teaspoons of olive oil just to make sure everything is mixed together.
Such a simple recipe! Warning if using a blender to mix, the mixture keeps spraying up the sides and you have to keep scraping it back to the bottom before blending again.
This recipe took me much longer than it should have because of that reason.
However overall the end product was really tasty and would be perfect to go with any pasta dishes. Great for anyone who is lactose intolerant but loves pesto!
If you have a go at making this let me know how it turns out and what you thought!

Thanks for Reading!

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