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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Last weekend in Birmingham was The Color Run. If you know me well you would no I'm not usually one for exercise and I only run when I have no choice. 
The most I do is go to a padfit class weekly which does not exercise your body the way running does.
The Color Run however caught my eye, having paint thrown at you while running seemed far more enjoyable than running in general, plus you could raise money for charity whilst doing so.

We booked to take part quite late so I opted not to raise any money, next time when we book earlier I will definitely choose a charity and raise some money.

The day was a really good laugh with a warm up at the beginning led to music, thousands of people were there and it was good fun to paint our faces up with the glitter from the pack.

The paint was powdered and you had station points where people with tubes of different coloured paint would basically throw it at you.

This was a good laugh but with the large amount of people that were taking part this made it a bit of a longer process, not that I was trying to finish the run in record time.

The run was a 5k which is just over 3 miles and I was quite impressed that I managed to run most of it, considering I am not the fittest of people.

Once finished you ended up at the 'festival' here there was music, food stands and photo opportunities. You got given a free bottle of water and a pack of powdered paint to throw at each other. One thing I was gutted about was I didn't get a packet of skittles, I did however get a Capri Sun. (Used to be obsessed with those when I was younger.)

Overall it was a really enjoyable day and definitely something I would do again next year. Seems getting covered in paint makes the exercise seem less like exercise.

Here are some photos: one before the paint covering and one after, also there is one we took at the Capri Sun booth:

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