Kylie Cosmetics Ginger and Kymajesty Review

Sunday, 20 November 2016

I had a sneaky purchase off of Kylie Cosmetics at the end of October. This was when they had the offer on that every order would receive a free Kymajesty Metal Matte lipstick.
I was really tempted by the Kymajesty when it was first released but wasn't sure if I would be able to pull it off so decided against it. When this offer came up I jumped at the chance, considering how much the delivery is a free lipstick seemed like a pretty sweet deal.

Along with the Kymajesty I ordered the single Ginger Liquid Lipstick. Here are my thoughts on both of these products and some lipswatches.

First lets start off with the fact that I can't really pull off a black lipstick even if it is metallic. So choosing not to purchase it first time round was smart.

Now for the product itself the formula is awful it is patchy and does not apply evenly on the lips. You need a good 3 layers of product to cover your lips completely. At the same time as you're applying another layer it pushes the product around that is already on your lips creating more patchy areas. You can't really tell this from the photo but you can just about see the faint outline of my lips. I was so disappointed as this looked like it would be a beautiful colour. I think if you had a black lip liner underneath this would make all the difference, but as a stand alone lipstick this would be hard to wear.

The packaging was the usual Kylie cosmetics tube and wand no issues with those, I couldn't bring myself to check if it was half filled like the previous scandal. I figured hey it was free and the formula was terrible anyways.

Overall I would not purchase this again and I don't think I would purchase any of the other metal mattes if the formulas are of the same quality. This one would not be worth the money!

I ummed and ahhed about getting this shade for ages when it first came out as a lip kit purely because of the price. So when it was released as a single I decided to take the plunge and get it. This is a warm terracotta-nude shade which would probably suit any skin tone.

The formula on this is like all the other matte lipsticks you only need one layer of product and it has the same vanilla type scent.
I love the formula's of these liquid lipsticks they just stay put! This one especially it took me ages to remove with a makeup wipe and there's no transference onto cups.
I would highly rate these liquid lipsticks however I would not buy them all the time purely on the price.
However the formula has to be my favourite liquid lipstick formula, can there be a UK stockist for these products yet?

Have you tried either of these lipsticks? What were your thoughts?

Thanks for Reading!

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