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Monday 28 November 2016

As you can probably guess from my many posts I am a big fan of liquid lipsticks especially matte liquid lipsticks. I've been waiting for ages for the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks to be stocked in Boots and finally the other day I went in and realised my prayer had been answered.

Don't get me wrong I could have ordered these online but as some of the shades looked similar I wanted to see the swatches for myself.

I ended up buying two of the shades these were 02. Embellishment and 10. Teddy. These retail for £6.50 each so they won't break the bank like other high end brands such as Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star, but does the quality of the product match up?

Here are my thoughts and some lip swatches on my pale skin for you all:

The liquid lipstick tubes are clear to show off the colour of the product and made of glass. They have the brand name and range printed on the front and I must say I am definitely a fan of the font used for the word lingerie. I would say the packaging is very high quality for a drugstore brand. However there was one issue I had with it all and that was the wand, the only way I can describe it is it's spatula shaped. This seems very low quality in comparision to the rest of the packaging makes application of the product very difficult. I have also found that the product seems to clump on this wand a bit which is not ideal.

02. Embellishment

Embellishment is a mauve toned nude that I feel would suit every skin tone. The formula is not drying but it does take two layers of product to get full coverage on the lips. There is a slight transference onto cups but nothing major. Overall I feel this is my second favourite formula for liquid lipsticks second only to Kylie Cosmetics. The product lasts for a good few hours before needing a touch up and so far has none gone flaky after reapplication.

10. Teddy
Teddy is a dark brown lip colour and I have to admit I wasn't sure if I would be a fan of this on purchase. I was tempted to by True Brown K by Kylie Cosmetics and rather than splurge on something I might not like I figured this was a pretty close dupe! In the end I loved the colour! If you have pale skin and are unsure about this its a beautiful colour and you can definitely pull it off. The formula is pretty similar to that of Embellishment only as it is such a darker colour there is a shorter wear time. Same with most dark lipsticks to be fair. There is also a bit more transference onto cups etc with this colour but this has to be expected with dark lipstick. The application is also alot harder with the mini-spatula brushes as it is a dark colour meaning any slight mistakes are very noticeable!

Rate or Slate
Overall I definitely would rate these liquid lipsticks! For the low price they are the product is good and perfect for anyone on a lower budget. There is a range of shades available and as this range mostly comprises of nude shades these are perfect for everyday wear. My only slight niggle would be the applicator that could definitely do with some improvement. However with patience and a steady hand you can apply these expertly. I am a really big fan of the formula and it not being overly drying is a major plus for me.

Overall I would rate these products 8/10

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