Biddulph Grange Gardens

Thursday, 3 May 2018

I have recently invested in a National Trust Card, if you are under 25 the price for the year is a bargain! It's half the price of the adult membership and you get free access to hundreds of magical places! The first place that I visited using my membership was Biddulph Grange Gardens located in Stoke.

The picture of this place in the booklet instantly caught my attention showing a Chinese inspired temple. The site is a Victorian garden with plants from all around the world, a visit takes you on a journey from Italy to Egypt to the Himalayas and finally to China.

We went on Easter weekend but considering all the snow and cold weather we had had sadly the flowers there were not in bloom. All the more reason to visit again!

The landscaping and shrubbery were all pruned to perfection keeping the gardens mystical aura, me and my friend loved wandering round and seeing all the differently designed areas. There was also an Easter Egg Hunt on which of course we partook in.
There was a lot of ground to cover with maze like passageways and secret areas such as the 'Egyptian Pyramid' shown above and an area full of balancing logs and walkways. These would have been great fun had it not rained, hence they were a tad muddy.
My favourite area by far was the Chinese inspired area. Above the photo shows the walkway leading up to the temple area. The photos below show the temple itself which sits next to a pond. There was something about the whole area that made me feel incredibly at relaxed.

Overall I loved everything about these gardens and it was a great start to my membership with the National Trust. I fully plan on visiting again when all of the flowers are in bloom and if you're a fan of gardens this is a place you should add to your to visit list.

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