Sintra: Castle of the Moors

Tuesday 8 May 2018

After Pena Palace we then visited the Castle of the Moors. This was included in our ticket with the palace and the two were a short walk from each other. It was a beautiful sunny day in Sintra making for some beautiful views from the castle.
The castle itself was very grand and steeped in history. There were loads of high turrets and steep steps, the walk around it was a really good workout. 

It was incredibly windy at the top of the towers and I was glad to have a jacket with me.
If you're a fan of visiting castles this one was great fun not only for the amazing views but for all the areas you climb and discover it felt like a maze of sorts at points.
The photo above shows an example of one of the areas you could climb to the top off. This turret was on its own as you entered the grounds and everyone was taking the opportunity to scramble to the top and get a photo. There was nothing to hold onto on the way up or down so if you are scared of heights this is not something you would enjoy.
The Castle of the Moors made an end to a great day out, with beautiful weather, good company and awesome views. 
You even have a great view of Pena Palace from the tower. This was incredibly high up, I am not a fan of heights but I had to make sure I had a photo with this backdrop.
I certainly felt I had done more than my 10,000 steps for the day. While it had been a beautiful day out we were exhausted by the end of it as we had to walk down the hill that we had originally hiked up. Not ideal and I would recommend taking the bus at least one way up or down.
It was definitely a beautiful day out and I would not change it as our misadventures made for some funny stories to take home, however we were glad to get back to the hotel after such a long day.

While in Sintra there are many sights to see and I highly recommend this castle be one of them. It makes for a great day out whether you're there with family or friends or even on your own. There is so much to see and visit that it is well worth the trip.

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