Snowdon Walk for Myeloma UK

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Back on the 22nd of June I arranged a walk up Snowdon in order to raise money for Myeloma UK, a charity and cause that has become extremely close to my heart.
The walk was part of a guided tour to watch the sunset, so we ended up in a large group of other hikers also raising money for various different charities.
Prior to this I had never been up Snowdon before and had never even walked the distance of the mountain all in one go. 

 The weather for the walk couldn't have been better it was the hottest day of the year and while the walk was at 6pm it was still sunny and extremely warm for the majority of the walk. This made for some fantastic scenery shots, having never been up Snowdon before I was blown away by the beautiful Welsh scenery and views like these photos made the hard slog up to the top all worth it.
 The walk was 9 miles with a few short breaks on the way up with the longest break being 5 minutes at the halfway point. It took us 3 hours to get to the top and a further 3 hours to get back down to the bottom. While a guided tour is a good option I found it to make the walk a harder task as it was regimented to get to the top for the sunset, then after reaching the top the break was again minimal and we watched the sunset while walking down. Needless to say that left all of us in our group exhausted and worn out and if I decided to do it again I would certainly go on my own so that I could take the walk at my own pace.

 It was an incredible and fantastic experience which gave me an overwhelming sense of achievement upon making it to the top and completing the walk, as well as for raising money for such a great cause. Despite this it was also one of the most challenging experiences of my life mentally and  physically and there were many points where I felt like quitting and giving up.
 I'm glad I didn't quit because the view at the top was clear and stunning and the sunset  on the walk down was a sight to behold.
The sense of achievement aside we also managed to raise a massive £340 for Myeloma UK. Having set a target of £150 I couldn't have been more overwhelmed by peoples generosity to the walk and for the charity and I can't thank everyone who donated to this fundraiser enough. Knowing that this money could help the charity with potential new developments made the aching legs afterwards one hundred percent worth it.

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