Biddulph Grange Gardens

Thursday, 3 May 2018

I have recently invested in a National Trust Card, if you are under 25 the price for the year is a bargain! It's half the price of the adult membership and you get free access to hundreds of magical places! The first place that I visited using my membership was Biddulph Grange Gardens located in Stoke.

The picture of this place in the booklet instantly caught my attention showing a Chinese inspired temple. The site is a Victorian garden with plants from all around the world, a visit takes you on a journey from Italy to Egypt to the Himalayas and finally to China.

Restaurant Review: Tattu Manchester

Monday, 30 April 2018

The Restaurant
The restaurant itself has fantastic decor with a flower wall in the downstairs eating area and of course the infamous cherry blossom tree upstairs. As well as this there are many tattoo themed designs dotted around. The lighting was dim giving a relaxed feel and giving the cherry blossom tree a more central and prominent feel.
The staff were all very helpful and service was very quick. Booking in advance was important as the restaurant books up fast and we just about got a spot on a Saturday night in the early afternoon.

Lisbon: Santa Justa Lift

Sunday, 29 April 2018

 Next stop on the Lisbon tour was the Santa Justa Lift located in the centre of Lisbon. It is a vertical structure consisting of a metal tower an observation platform and a walkway across to the shopping complex and the church ruins.

Lisbon: Rua Augusta Arch

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Back in September I visited Lisbon and I have finally decided to blog the experience. It's very belated I know!

One of the first sights we visited was the Rua Augusta Arch, it was located a short walk from our hotel and we just happened to stumble upon it on the first day.

Me and my friend had ordered Lisboa Card's and this attraction was included with this. Meaning you could go up the arch as many times as you wanted in the time that your card was valid for.

The Best Sights I've Visited

Saturday, 3 March 2018

With the snow causing everything to come to a crashing halt this past week I've been reminiscing to better weather holidays. 
It got me thinking about some of the best places and sights that I've visited and I thought I would share these with you. Just to prepare you this list is a long one!
Empire State Building - New York
Visiting the Empire state building was always at the top of my list and it sure did not disappoint! We went to the top at night time while the whole city was lit up making the whole experience ten times better. A night I will not soon forget!

Paramore Live Genting Arena

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

On the 14th of January I was fortunate enough to see Paramore live for the third time at the Genting Arena. They have always and will always be my favourite band and while I have loved all of their albums After Laughter has definitely settled itself firmly as my favourite.
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