Mini Weekend Away Packing Tips

Monday 17 August 2015

I will be heading to Jersey for a mini weekend away shortly. For this holiday we only have 10kg of hand luggage.
Surely that should be enough for a three night stay?
However I am a terrible overpacker I always pack too much and prepare for every eventuality rain, sun, a freak snow blizzard...

I am trying to learn the error of my ways and pack more sensibly so here are a few tips for packing everything you need into your hand luggage:

1. Wear your heavy clothes on the plane jeans, trainers etc.

2. Roll your clothes up so they take up less room.

3. Most hotels supply shampoos and conditioner etc so why take it with you? Especially as the hand luggage has a liquids limit. Worst comes to worst you'll have to buy some shampoo while you're there.

4. Minimal make up is the best. You're going on holiday do you really need a full face of make up? Take the minimum you need for going out on an evening. Saves on your liquid allowance and any heavy bottles.

5. Plan outfits in advance. Take different tops and the same bottoms so you can switch up outfit. Take a few different necklaces to accessorise.

6. You only need the basics a pair of jeans, a pair if shorts and a few tops. Two pairs of shoes and that's that.

7. Make sure you don't use all your weight allowance in case you want to buy a few things.

Those are my packing tips. Comment any other tips you may have.

Note the above cases aren't mine saw them on Google images they are such cute colours!

Thanks for reading xx

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