My Week in Photos Take Two

Thursday 6 August 2015

Word of warning beforehand the majority of these photos are pictures of food if you are hungry look away now. Please note I have done more with my week I just appear to enjoy taking pictures of my food.
Sweet little lunch my aunt packed for me with fruits and sweets.
One of my step-moms greyhounds, when I 'm over there she has to lie as close to me as possible. She also likes to get up at 6 in the morning and start jumping about. Greyhounds are crazy!!

Quite possibly the nicest sweet ever!!

My aunt cooked me tea and it turned out pink due to the beetroot. The picture doesn't do justice just quite how pink the sauce is!

As part of our weekly evening in watching a film me and my aunt have to have snacks and somehow muggins that I am ended up spending £10 on ice cream!! However as you can see the ice cream was very posh and thankfully turned out to be extremely nice!! Honeycomb ice cream is by far my favourite.

Went up town shopping with the bestie and ended up in an American sweet store getting a pick n mix. First one I have had in years! Love the fizzy rainbow belts!

In an effort to eat healthier I have been eating a lot more fresh food salads, fruit and some pastas.

These colouring books are amazing the pictures are so intricate and pretty!! Colouring really does help you de-stress! There are loads of different ones you can get animals, fairytale, cats etc. They're going for around £6 in the works and you can get them in Tesco's for £5.

Trying to stick back to my milk free diet (lactose intolerance not a fun thing!) however this korma sauce tastes so much nicer than a regular one. Its made with coconut milk so potentially healthier!

Finally Michael Kors sent me an email about their new collection of bucket bags. I'm so in love with this bag!! Sadly at £315 it has a very hefty price tag, but just look at it so pretty!! The dusty rose on the inside is so nice aswell!! Guess I'm just going to have to wait for the sales!
So those are my photos of the week I have actually done other stuff that doesn't just involve eating went out for a friends birthday on the Saturday clubbing was good fun. My aunt held a little tea party gathering type thing at her house which was ever so cute but as I wasn't using my phone no pictures were taken that day. We did have a good little music session though and eat a lot of food! The remainder of the week has been spent getting on top of the usual boring things we all have to do tidying cleaning etc and also sorting out the details for my mini break to Jersey it's fast approaching and bar it being booked we have arranged no details so far!
What have you all been up to this week? Any random photos of the week to share?
Thanks for reading! xx

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