Weekend Haul

Monday 3 August 2015

 Time for a very girly post now! I went shopping at the weekend and that usually means I'm about to make my bank account cry ever so slightly.
I thought I would share with you all a few of my purchases:

It was my friends birthday at the weekend so I went on the hunt for a going out outfit. I don't go out clubbing very often so my outfit choices are usually very limited and consist of mostly black clothing. I decided to jazz things up abit and got the above outfit from H&M such a bargain only £12.99! Such a lovely royal blue body con dress I normally wouldn't feel overly confident in something so clingy but this dress made me feel great! I also got the above necklace to accessorise I'm not very good at matching jewellery with outfits but I am learning to be more girly and I think the above necklace goes well with the dress.

Until the other day I was a Lush virgin so to speak. I would always walk past or browse thinking that smells nice and never actually try anything. So while perusing this time I decided to actually give some of the products a try, I've heard good things about the face masks I did want the cupcake face mask but it was sold out (sad times! ) So I opted for Mask of Magnaminty instead which is supposed to be good for problem skin once I have tested it out I will let you know!
I also picked up one of the bath bombs/bubble bars this one is Creamy Candy if you like sweet things this is perfect! I used it the other day and could smell it on my skin for the whole day after.

 I also picked up this cute little jumper/top from H&M they have some really lovely summer clothes in at the moment.

My final purchase of the day was the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Snatch from Debenhams as I had a 5 pound reward to use up (got to love beauty club points) It's such a pretty colour and I had wanted it for a while so I caved and thought why not?! It's almost like a creamy goldy pink from different angles.
So that was my Saturday purchases in a nutshell let me know what you think if you happen to own or have used any of the above products.
Thanks for reading xx

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